Our Services


  • Expertise in support of System Engineering efforts to develop test cases, analyze requirements, anchor digital simulation models with flight test data, quick-look assessments, and weapon systems interoperability for ET, MDSE, and SSF

  • Extensive experience in Electro-Optics, Infrared Phenomenology, Optical Signature Codes (OSC), and Optical Signature In-line           Generator (OPTISIG), and Infrared High Value Target Acquisition (IRHVTA) codes for GMD

  • Expertise supporting Ground Test Integrated (GTI) with multiple test scenarios (from nominal to stressing, to accurately characterize system level performance), anomaly identification, and anomaly resolution for ET, MDSE, and SSF  

  • Experience in integrated and distributed Hardware in the Loop (HWIL) design, implementation, and operation

  • Experience with Robotic Systems JPO SETA support involving programmatic development tasks, functional and reliability testing, data analysis, and engineering design support. Robotic platforms support includes MV-4B, RC-50/60, MARCbot, Pipecrawlers, Dragon              Runner, X-bot, and R-Gator

  • International support in the development of communication requirements for the MEADS weapon system and NATO Air Command and    Control System (ACCS) for addition of ballistic missile defense capability

  • ​Provide technical oversight for multiple tasks for a PEO Missiles & Space/AMRDEC Cybersecurity Endeavor
  • ​Real-time software development (both embedded, and non-embedded) supporting Man-Rated Space Craft Systems/Vehicles
  • ​Verification/Validation of software for Man-Rated Space Craft Systems/Vehicles
  • ​Software Development of Telemetry Data Acquisition Systems
  • ​Software Development of automated tools for data reduction, analysis, storage, and reporting
  • ​Analysis and design tasks includes a Hybrid Air-Helium pneumatic delivery system, hardware layout & mounts, and laboratory design drawings and schematics